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Welcome to the Belleville Little Devils Cheer program!

Our program aims to prepare our participants for a future both on and off the sidelines, through implementation of our C.H.E.E.R.S. (Commitment, Heart, Encouragement, Enthusiasm, Respect, & Sportsmanship) philosophy. Our focus is on establishing the fundamentals of youth cheerleading, in order to allow our athletes to grow with a strong foundation, while providing a fun, educational, and structured environment.

As a coach, I am dedicated to preparing these young athletes to perform to the best of their abilities and to have a little bit of fun along the way! My goal is to provide my athletes with the tools needed to progress in their cheer career, beyond just the Belleville Little Devils Organization.

Over the course of the season, our athletes learn various sideline cheers, several crowd and halftime cheers, and a dance routine or two. Our cheerleaders are also given the opportunity to compete in cheer competitions throughout the season, and we are looking at expanding this option into the off-season.

Our cheerleaders are crucial to the positivity, excitement, and spirit of the Belleville Little Devils football program. Fans, players, and coaches alike all enjoy the encouragement and support provided by our cheerleaders throughout the course of the season.

For more information, or for any questions, please feel free to contact our Athletic Director of Cheerleading & Head Coach, Jeanna Storment via email at or telephone at (618) 292-6709.

Master Cheer Schedule

Date Time Age Group Opponent Location
Saturday 09/01/18 12:00pm 8U Fairview 8U Home
2:00pm 12U O’Fallon 12U 1 Home
4:00pm 9U/10U Knights 10U Home
6:00pm 6U/14U Knights 14U Home
Sunday 09/02/18 2:00pm 11U Mascoutah 11U @ Mascoutah (Click for directions)
Sunday 09/09/18 1:00pm 6U/9U Fairview 9U Home
3:00pm 11U/12U Fairview 12U 1 Home
5:00pm 8U/10U/14U O’Fallon 14U Home
Saturday 09/15/18 2:00pm 8U Granite City 8U Home
4:00pm 10U Mascoutah 10U Home
6:00pm 11U Knights 11U 1 Home
Sunday 09/16/08 1:00pm 6U Jerseyville 6U Home
3:00pm 12U Collinsville 12U Home
5:00pm 9U/14U Collinsville 14U Home
Saturday 09/22/2018 10:00am 8U/9U JJK 9U 2 @ JJK (Click for directions)
12:00pm 10U/11U JJK 11U 1 @ JJK (Click for directions)
Sunday 09/23/18 12:00pm 14U Knights 14U @ Knights (Click for directions)
2:00pm 6U/12U Knights 12U @ Knights (Click for directions)
Saturday 09/29/18 6:00pm 12U Fairview 12U 2 @ Fairview (Click for directions)
Sunday 09/30/18 1:00pm 6U/10U Alton 6U Home
3:00pm 8U/14U Highland 8U Home
5:00pm 11U Collinsville 11U Home
Saturday 10/06/18 12:00pm 10U JJK 10U 1 @ JJK (Click for directions)
Sunday 10/07/18 9:00am 6U Granite City 6U @ Granite City (Click for directions)
1:00pm 8U JJK 8U Home
3:00pm 9U/12U O’Fallon 9U 1 Home
5:00pm 11U/14U Troy 11U 1 Home
Sunday 10/14/18 11:00am 6U Collinsville 6U Home
1:00pm 10U/11U Cahokia 10U Home
3:00pm 8U/9U Mascoutah 9U Home
5:00pm 12U/14U Knights 14U Home
Sunday 10/21/18 12:00pm 8U/11U Alton 8U Home
2:00pm 9U/6U Collinsville 9U Home
4:00pm 10U/12U Highland 10U Home
6:00pm 14U O’Fallon 14U Home